“Mehak Chahel and Amar Upadhyay bring more negativity in Big Boss 5” says Pooja Bedi

 After staying 54 days in the Big Boss house, Pooja Bedi finally evicted from the house on this Saturday and revealed that she is pleased to leave the house at the right time because a lot of negative atmosphere have taken place in it.

The actress blames her fellow contestants that Mehek Chahel and Amar Upadhya are those, who always look out for fights and create trouble inside the house.

Pooja Bedi told the media, "Mehek and Amar bring along a lot of negativity inside the house while Juhi and Sky are my sweethearts. They both have very good heart, even though, they seem very aggressive and dominating people. But, they are exactly opposite
and I wish them all the best and may they win the show."

The mother of two claimed that, Mehek creating a bad atmosphere in the Big Boss. The 41-years-old Pooja, who was not seen getting involved in any cat fights, added that item girl is symbol of negativity in the Big Boss.

She added, “Mahek is so negative. She is a symbol of negativity. I am shocked to hear how well she has been portrayed in the show. She is nothing of that sort. I have lived with her day in and day out and I think she is a very bad person.”

According to Bedi, her good friend in Big Boss house is Juhi Parmar while she was also very close to Akashdeep Saigal (Sky) on the show but she cleared that they were just friends and said, Sky is amazing guy and she was shocked to see that outside the house
his image is like a villain, which is not the reality.

However, recently three contestants Shraddha Sharma, Akashdeep Saigal and Sunny Leone were nominated for this week. Sky was nominated by the captain Mehek Chahel. Big Boss gives special authority to Amar, Sky and Siddharth that they had to nominate two names
with mutual decision. After a lot of discussion, they finally gave name of Sharddha and Sunny but Sky was completely against this decision.

Let see, who will be nominated in the next weekend after Pooja Bedi and Pooja Misra . Mahesh Bhatt will also enter in Bigg Boss 5 on Wednesday.