History of Muslim Press in Sub-Continent – Last Part

Continued from the previous part …

After the 1857 war of independence, Muslims were deprived of some of the fundamental human rights including Journalistic practices and freedom of speech. Muslims were facing their worst time in the sub-continent since their arrival and the invasion in the
area. There were not enough jobs and the financial situation got bad to worse. On top of that, the Hindus were able to convince the British that their actual enemies were Muslims and not the Hindus. British Raj felt that Muslims instigated the Hindus in the
1857 War of Independence. As compared to the Muslims, Hindus did have the press freedom.

In this worst condition, the Muslim leaders and top journalists stood up and changed the destiny of the Indian Muslims by creating awareness amongst them and letting them know that they can no longer afford to neglect modern education and the English language.
Slowly but gradually, Muslims were able to stand on their feet again through some inspirational leaders and that would not have been possible without an effective press.

Initially, the Muslim press worked on shaping up the public opinion so that they could understand the political scenario of India at that time and could adjust with the Hindus and the British Raj in a same society and culture. A sequence of events changed
the political scenario of India and the press successfully shaped up the public opinion amongst the Muslims of India about the partition and the demand of a separate country. The poetry of Iqbal and some other poets like Hasrat Mohani were inspirational in
re-building the morale of the Muslims. They gave them the direction to work upon.

Once the Muslims had decided mutually that they do not want anything less than a separate country, the role of the Muslim Newspapers like Dawn, Zameendar, Jang and Nawa-i-Waqt was influencing. The newspapers made sure that the Muslims are aware of the political
activities of their leader Quaid e Azam and All India Muslim League.

Overall, we can say that Muslim press and journalists could not have done a better job considering the circumstances. There were so many difficulties for the Muslim press but they stood up to the challenges and proved their metal by shaping up the public
opinion in favor of the partition and eventually carving out a separate homeland in a very short span of time.    


  1. Whatever Muslims did in the past, its history!
    For GOD sake, think about as to what Muslims should do now?
    At present, once again Muslims are in the worse condition and they need proper direction!

    First of all, they should take education, as right now majority of the muslimes population is like a dump terminal.