Original ‘desi girl’ of the Indian cinema industry Priyanka Chopra has not picturised any item song in her upcoming movie Don 2, but her performance has certainly been admired by the Bollywood circles.

An item song has become a fashion these days. Kareena Kapoor’s ‘Chammak Challo’, Katrina Kaif’s upcoming ‘Chikni Chameli’ and Vidya Balan’s ‘Ooh Laa Laa’ have thrilled the industry, but Priyanka wants to stick to the basics and impress the audience with
her acting.

Don 2 has a lot of style as far as Shahrukh Khan’s performance is concerned, but Priyanka might have not brought any glamour in the movie. However, the sizzling artist believes that glamour was not a requirement of her character, as he was playing the role
of a cop.

Priyanka said, “If you look at the song ‘Dushman Mera’, it does have a glamorous feel to it. However for the rest of the movie, I can’t be a baby doll. Also, anywhere in the world please show me a cop who looks sexy all over the place?”

“Don 2′ is non-glam. I am wearing jeans and a smart shirt along with a holster. Now with such attire, you can’t have flying hair, right? It’s a different kind of glam. I have always liked the fact that people have come back to me and said that I haven’t
gone the conventional route. The kind of glam that you state is very passe and old school,” she added.

The director Farhan Akhtar also endorsed Priyanka’s views, and shared that one must keep modelling and acting separate, as these are two entirely different areas of the showbiz.

“As actors, they have to work their parts rather than always thinking about how audience perceive them to be. You can’t have PC dressing up in a very non-character like manner. Come on, she is acting in the film, not modelling,” said Farhan, the director
of Don 2.

The movie has been released all across the globe today, and has received a very good initial response. Priyanka has been gathering a lot of praise for her superb acting in the movie, and the film is expected to make a lot of money.