At the end of every year, many people start inking papers with New Year resolutions and plans for spending the next twelve months. However, most of them disappear into thin air or become infeasible by the end of January, hence the same routine, with a little
change, in some cases to the wrong side.

The main reason resolutions start to fade out or go north even before they reach the climax is the poor planning at the backend. Merely jotting down a resolution is not enough. For this reason, there needs to be a proper thought given to the previous activities
done in that regard.

A proper proactive plan needs to be reactive first, a reaction to the former actions taken that aggravated the issue, and truth be told, there are many issues in one’s life that need to be addressed in one way or the other. If someone wants to lose weight,
he/she has to take into account what were his/her eating habits and physical activities? Can he/she do intensive exercise or should it be started with a diet followed up with a light activity followed by a gym membership?

These kinds of questions are really essential in getting the plan into full swing instead of a few days of work and then abrading it into the trash bin. A proper analysis of the situation is always necessary like a police forensics before instigating an

However, the most important of all these issues is the monetary problem that has always haunted the majority of grown-up population. Start of the New Year is an appropriate opportunity to plan for the highs and lows next year. Financials have to be properly
planned. A strategy can be formulated at any time in the year but since these are the days for New Year resolutions, why not now.