A Hong Kong based company has announced that they will launch a doll Steve Jobs in February. The company ‘In Icons’ has stated that they plan to follow it to pay their tribute to a great visionary.

However, they will have to wait for the answer from Apple and Jobs family to take the next step. In the past, the U.S. company has froze any attempts to commercialize icons related with the figure of its founder.

In Icons presented on their website a series of images for the doll that greatly resembles Jobs, but warns that the final product may have some variation from the prototype.  It has been claimed that the February sale will start at $ 99, however, it has
been paralyzed on their website that they reserves the right of receipt without explaining why.

The figure has been described to be about 30 centimetres tall, has a hands-articulated body parts to allow different positions. Jobs has been featured in a gray outfit and will be accompanied by two pairs of glasses, a regular game jersey with a black belt,
a chair, socks, two blocks and a background with the words "One more thing" Jobs usual phrase in Apple’s product ceremonies.