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PC sales suffer worst decline in two decades

The PC sales has fallen 14% in the first three months of the year, the biggest drop in two decades, according to the statistics being provided by IDC. However, the figures are much lower than the survey company had initially predicted. On the same day, Gartner – a renowned consultancy firm, published a 11% decrease in […]

Q1 results show HP’s massive decline

HTC did not have a bad quarter since 2004. Its quarterly earnings were $ 2.85 million, 98% less than the previous quarter. Poor results have argued that the supply problems win the HTC phones Star One, which should have been released earlier this year. Regarding accounts a year ago, the fall in revenues was 37% and its operating […]

Samsung Q1 sale set to reach 70 million

Operating profit for Samsung in the fourth quarter grew by 53% to 6,000 million euros, according to previous estimates that official results will be announced later this month. Though the high-end phones such as Galaxy S and Note have not recorded best sales, the Korean company earned more revenue from cheaper models, designed for emerging countries such […]

Google set to launch nexus 7

Google are eyeing up to launch the new version of its tablet Nexus 7 in July, according to various sources. The tablet could be presented one month earlier in the Computer trade show in Taipei. The giant software company, willing to lead the industry in hardware with their phones and tablets, have made up their minds after selling eight million of […]

LG set to unveil Smart watch

Having conquered the computer market, cell phone, the tablet, LG are planning to take another step to widen their product line. They are reportedly weighing a move and the right time to launch a watch. A rumour of the arrival of an iWatch by Apple adds confirmation of a Samsung model. The Korean LG has also announced that […]

Samsung looses case agaisnt Apple

A British court has rejected the complaint of Samsung against Apple for allegedly infringing their patents related to data transmission and processing in mobile 3G iPhone. The court has denied all claims of the Korean company, and Samsung has said that until they know the contents of the judgment will not decide whether or not to appeal the decision. Apple […]

Apple set to pay for children’s download

Apple has reached a settlement to resolve a class action of parents, who had sued the company for allowing minors to download free games and asking for micropayments later on. Apple could end up paying around $ 100 million, but would not have to pay that money as the technology giants are preparing to add $ […]

HTC Unveils New One

Until now there was talk about M7 but the mere speculations have turned blue today after HTC have officially announced that they are going to launch new serial in the smartphone market i.e. the new HTC-one. It is the latest phone from the Taiwanese flag. The device cored Android has just been introduced in New York. Just like Blackberry, who unveiled […]

Google stock price $ 800 mark

The share of the technology giants, has reached $ 806.85 for the first time in the history of the company. Their stock closed on the NASDAQ in New York over the barrier of $ 800 Tuesday. So far, the Californian-based company has accumulated 13% rise in share this year. However, the value of the firm increased by […]

EU announces sanctions against Google

The data protection authorities of the 27 EU countries have announced on Monday that they will impose sanctions on U.S. technology, Google, before summer for refusing to adjust their privacy policy to EU legislation. In October 2012, the European union concluded that Google’s privacy policy in breach of EU rules on data protection and given […]

The tablet is key to accelerating the mobility of firms, according to Gartner

It is predicted that more than a billion smartphones and tablets will be sold in 2013. And the percentage of the smartphones will be 70% of all devices sold this year, according to consultancy Gartner, which has organized a symposium in Barcelona to discuss the impact of mobility in business. “For most businesses smartphones and tablets will not entirely replace PCs, […]

Koh denies Apple’s appeal to further penalize Samsung

U.S. Judge Lucy Koh has asked Apple and Samsung Electronics to consider whether the application filed by Apple over a patent related to search technology for several months, for an appeal to the court settlement of a lawsuit between the two companies separately. Apple won a lawsuit for $ 1,050 million (784 million Euros) last year against Samsung in […]


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