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Nokia launches another cheap smartphone

Nokia, who have been competing with Appleā€™s iPhone in the smartphone industry, has launched another smartphone Asha 310 after their earlier too Lumia models arguably failed to live up to expectations. The Finnish company came up with a plan but failed to convince their respective users to start using Windows operating system. They even tried to increase their […]

Google narrows Apple’s record

The application downloads on Google Play doubled in the last quarter compared to the previous year while the App Store grew 20%, according to data from App Annie, which analyzes the activity of 1.2 million applications. Despite the increase in downloads for the Android system, it remains undisputed leadership in favor of the Apple store, […]

Apple set to launch new iPad with double storage capacity

According to a source close to the company, Apple has officially announced that it will double the storage capacity of its iPad tablet up to 128 gigabytes, as reported by Reuters, the double of its current models. Apple, which has sold 120 million tablets for two years, has reported that the models with this capability be launched […]

Microsoft profit falls despite launching windows 8

Microsoft is not one of the top grossing companies according to the fact and figures been provided by the Wall Street as they find it difficult to recover from shocking pace of Apple and Google in the technology sector. Their results tell that they had 6,380 million dollars (4,800 million Euros) in the last quarter, […]

Samsung electronics posts record profit

The South Korean giants, Samsung Electronics, ended 2012 with a net profit of 16,650 million Euros, 73% more than the previous year and the highest figure achieved in the history of the company. The benefits are based on historical sales figure of 140,650 million Euros, 22% more than in 2011 because of the magnificent success of their smartphones, televisions, […]

Chine losing the battle, Industry retuning to US

China is considered to be the fastest growing economy, but things are not as simple as they look. Attracted by subsidies, cheap labour, and tax regulations, several American-based manufacturers shifted their business to China in the recent years. However, the situation has changed now. The manufactures, who brought millions of jobs to China a few […]

Sony set to launch new tablet

Sony will launch a new tablet in March, Xperia Z model, which will have 10-inch screen and will weighs around half a kilo, as reported by the Japanese company. Sony, which came out last year to conquer the mobile phone market after launching a wide range of smartphones in the market following their separation from Ericsson, […]

Amazon enters musical war with Apple

Amazon has continued market expansion after entering the world of iTunes. The company has opened music store and are offering iOS users with a chance to directly download the iTunes by using safari browser. Their catalog reportedly consists of an install 22 million songs, making it a serious alternative to iTunes and their latest venture could lead to […]

China overtakes US to become the largest smartphone market

China have now becomw the world’s largest producer of smartphones in 2012 to acquire 224 million units, according to sources. At the same time, it launched more than 730,000 applications to Apple (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). In 2012, the number of Internet users in China grew by 50.9 million people (10%) and reached 564 million, the country […]

Apple halves iPhone 5 orders

Sharp has halved the production of screens for the iPhone 5, which indicates that sales of Apple’s latest mobile is not going as well as it was projected prior to the launch, as reported by the Nikkei Japanese page. Nikkei information coincides with another of the Wall Street Journal published in the same direction on […]

Windows 8 reaches 60 million licenses

The new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, has sold 60 million licenses to date, including both sales updates as OEMs for new devices. Windows 8 was presented in October 2012 with new features in the interface design, among others. The software company gave a twist over previous versions, betting on an interface that adapts to both […]

Apple store hits 40 billion downloads: 20 billion in 2012

Apple Inc. has announced that their customers downloaded more than 40,000 million applications (apps) in 2012. The App Store have more than 500 million active accounts and holds a massive record of most downloads in the month of December. The developer community has created more than 775,000 apps for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch worldwide, and […]


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