The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is set to make some crucial changes in the Premier League and revamp the system in order to eliminate the ‘departmental mentality’ in the country’s top flight.

Most countries, even the ones in South Asia boast a proper structure and league system in which clubs dominate and departmental teams are shunned. But in Pakistan the case is different as numerous sides such as KPT, HBL and other organizations have specific
teams that participate in the Premier League.

Although they offer decent salaries, they are not separate football clubs and thus are not licensed by the AFC. However in order to boost the game in the country and ensure that they meet the criteria set by the Asian Federation, the PFF are planning major
changes in the current league.

Led by Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat, the federation have identified some key points and one of their major targets is to ensure that the 16-teams in the league are all football clubs and are not a representation of any organization.

With such a measure, football in the country would not only meet the AFC requirements but could perhaps finally be on the rise. But it is not without its own risks and if the PFF are sloppy, then the clubs could suffer from bankruptcy meaning that many talented
footballers would be without a livelihood.

While the PFF believes that the pros outweigh the cons; not everyone shares the same view.

“It’s going to be a disaster. NBP, KPT, HBL and KESC didn’t go ahead with the registration process because it requires us to deceive AFC. I wrote to the PFF that KPT is a trust and funds are handed to the sports department from the head office. Now if we
want to establish ourselves as a different club that would mean that over 100 footballers who are part of our squads will be unemployed,” said KPT official Saad Naeem.

While it is a risky step taken by the PFF, it could change the fortunes of football in the Nation, if they are able to pull it off professionally and without any hindrance.