Ali Zafar: The whole Pakistan is not like Veena Malik

Currently the Pakistani actress, Veena Malik, is every newsmaker’s number one choice in India but the actor-singer, Ali Zafar, believes it is unfair to judge the entire community on the basis of what she does in India.

The controversial queen, Veena Malik, at first locked headlines in Pakistan for having an affair with the bowler, Muhammad Asif, and then she got recognition in India after she entered the controversial fourth season of the reality show ‘Big Boss’. Later on she caused a storm in her country by appearing ‘nude’ on the cover of FHM magazine. Malik has also been involved in several other controversies as a result to which many have started pointing fingers at Pakistan. However, Ali thinks it is unfair.

The actor insisted people should not judge a country through an artist because whatever they do is there personal behaviour. He further added that controversial actresses are present all over the world and people should understand this fact.

“You have to understand that she’s an individual and you can’t judge the entire community on the basis of one person’s behaviour. You shouldn’t even judge Pakistan through me. The whole Pakistan is not like Ali Zafar or Veena Malik,” Ali told IANS.

“And such individuals are there in very entertainment industry. In India also there are women who ride on controversies. It happens everywhere. It happens even in Hollywood,” he added.

The 31-year-old Ali Zafar is in India at present and he will be seen on the big screens on March 2, 2012, as his much-anticipated film ‘London, Paris, New York’ will be released. Ali for the first time has done a kissing scene in this movie with Aditi Rao Hydari but the actor refused initially since he didn’t want to offend his country’s people.

Ali stressed he always tries to make sure that he doesn’t do anything that gives his country a bad name.

“Whatever films I do, I make sure that I don’t do scenes or say dialogues or do stuff that could hurt people back home. In my capacity, I try and keep everyone happy but that’s just me. Everybody has their own style of working,” he concluded.