Talk shows confuse people with irrelevant issues

Talk shows on Pakistani channels are producing nothing but a mess as guests in these talk shows, who belong to different political parties, always try to blame on one another and at the end of the programme, the viewers are left with no conclusion.

Today, the talk shows on any channel in Pakistan have more viewership than any other programmes. However, if get a closer view, you will find nothing constructive and will end up in frustration and confusion because they produce nothing but a mess.

In a bid to get more viewership and higher ratings, these talk shows always try to employ every possible method and the political talk shows are serving this purpose to the maximum extent. You can see two, three or four guests, belonging to different political
parties, debating on one point which was highlighted by the anchor and no one is accepting the explanation of the other.

Nobody seems willing to accept what other person says in these talk shows because it is against the agenda of their political parties. These people always continue blaming each other and a discussion turns into a quarrel and the anchor person thinks that
he has achieved his objective.

Anchors do not want to make anything clear which is the major reason that pushes them to invite more than one person in their shows. Their only purpose and objective is to add fuel to the fire and stand aside to watch the guests fight like illiterate people.

General masses of the viewers try to grab something constructive from these talk shows but they end up in getting nothing. Event they get confused because the main issues were left behind in the talk and nonsense comes forward from the guests. This nonsense
fulfils the objectives of the anchor persons.

They should invite a single guest and put all relevant questions to him so that people could be able to know that what is the manifesto of that particular guest’s political party and what will be the contribution of that party in the development of Pakistan.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, majority of the anchor persons follow the policies of their channels and remain far away from highlighting those issues which affect the revenue generation of their channels.