The commission resumed the cross-examination of memo author Mansoor Ijaz Friday through vide link from Pakistan High Commission in London.

Nawaz Sharif’s Counsel Mustafa Ramdey and lawyer of MNA Andul Qadir Bloch and Sana Ullah Zehri, Sallauddin Mengal, asked questions from Ijaz.

Responding the queries, the memo architect repeated the same story about his communication with Haqqani and relationship with Gen. James Jones which he had already told before.

When asked by Ramdey whether President Asif Ali Zardari and Haqqani were aware of Abbottabad Operation or not, Ijaz refused to answer saying that it was a sensitive matter.

“I have submitted a secret document before the commission which will reveal the truth in this regard,” Ijaz added. He also refused to disclose the content of the conversation between him and US Gen. James Jones regarding President Zardari.

Ijaz also praised Justice Isa saying, “Mr. Chief Justice, I wish we have judges like you in America.” Earlier on February 23 he said to Justice Isa, “You are a smart person. You have recorded me correctly.”

The significant event during the hearing was Justice Isa’s order to which the commission summoned Haqqani to appear before the commission after the conclusion of Ijaz cross-examination.

The commission also directed Haqqani’s counsels to produce the copy of phones’ bills of his client along with his handset. Justice Isa directed Attorney General Maulvi Anwar ul Haq to submit the bills of Haqqani official phone if the government paid those.

“Attorney General will write to the mobile service provider companies in the U.S. in this regard,” Justice Isa directed. He said the commission would summon Haqqani’s wife and other family members to inquire about his BlackBerry pin number.

The commission also decided to conduct forensic examination of Ijaz’s Blackberry and directed all the parties to propose the names of forensic experts or companies in this regard. Justice Isa directed Secretary Commission Raja Jawad Abbas to make necessary arrangements for conduction forensic examination of Ijaz.

Ijaz’s Counsel Akram Sheikh requested the commission to complete the hearing of case as soon as possible saying it was creating problems for his other clients. He also told that officials of security agencies were visiting his office due to memo case.

Haqqani Counsel Zahid Bukhari will hold cross-examination of Ijaz by March 15, which may continue for three or four days.