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US: Pakistan’s Request to Join NSG to be Determined Unanimously

The United States maintained that Pakistan’s application to become a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), which was submitted last week in Vienna, will be determined by a consensus. A statement issued in Islamabad said, “The decision to seek participation in the export control regime reflects Pakistan’s strong support for international efforts to prevent […]

India’s ‘aggressive foreign policy’ Raises Concern For Senators

In a discussion regarding the adjournment motion moved  by Javed Abbasi of PML-N on the “recent test of an intercept missile by India contributing to an unhealthy arms race in the region”, senators mentioned their concerns over India’s increasing relations with other countries, most especially Afghanistan, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. […]

India asking US not to help Pakistan with the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Project

diamer bhasha dam

With Pakistan currently looking for funds to construct the Diamer-Basha dam, India has reportedly asked the US government not to invest in the project and make sure other US investors also stayed away. The Indian complaint to the United States was reportedly forwarded through diplomatic channels, claiming that Pakistan was constructing the Diamer-Bhasha dam on […]

9 Pakistani Students Selected for ISEF Fair

The International Science and Engineering Fair is going to take place in Los Angeles, US, this week and 9 Pakistani Students have been shortlisted in order to represent their country. A representative of this particular institution stated, “The young innovators referred to as Team Pakistan will represent the country at the fair and compete against […]

US Declines Gunship Copters to Pakistan


It was recently reported from Washington that Pakistan is currently trying to get gunship copters from the US. They claimed that they want newer helicopters as they would not opt for used stuff to supplement and replace the 35 AH-1S and AH-1F gunship which they already possess. While trying to fight in the tribal areas, […]

Obama asks Congress for $3.7 billion to address immigrants crisis

president obama

President Barack Obama has asked U.S. Congress Tuesday for $3.7 billion to deal with the arrival of tens of thousands of immigrant children from Central America. The money should serve to reinforce the presence of judges and officers in the border regions, increase aerial surveillance, build detention centers for undocumented immigrants and increase cooperation with […]

Man in US Jailed for Planning an Al Qaeda Training Program in Pakistan

It was recently reported from Los Angeles that a man in America was sentenced to jail as he was planning to carry out a weapons training program in Pakistan that would benefit the Al Qaeda. The prosecutor revealed that the man has spent several years in Syria and was willing to exchange his knowledge about […]

Khamenei Hits Out at US for Sowing Discord between Iran-Pakistan

Ali Khamenei, Nawaz Sharif

The current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, met up with Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The two discussed serious matters amongst each other. During these talks, Khamenei managed to directly hit out at the US for sowing seeds of discord between the relationship of Pakistan and Iran. He directly held Washington […]

Nawaz Sharif set for Pakistan after US visit

Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, left US during Wednesday evening after a four-day tour of America came to an end. During the visit the Prime Minister of Pakistan held talks with Barack Obama and both agreed upon advancing trade and economic relations Other issues highlighted included Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan and the drone strikes which are […]

US, UN and Russia to talk about Syria on Nov 5

Ban ki-moon

American and Russian officials will be meeting up with the UN representatives on November 5 in order to step up the process of having peace in Syria. Martin Nesirky, a UN spokesman, stated that the Russian and American officials will be meeting up with other members of the UN Security Council: Britain, France and China. […]

Oil prices extend losses in Asia


US oil prices have extended more losses in the Asian trade, as it was reported on Wednesday that dealers are increasing stockpiles, which means that the demand for oil in the world’s biggest economy has fallen. The prices slipped down by 16 cents for December as they were sold for $98.14 per barrel. On the […]

Pakistan and US agree to cooperation in Science and Technology

Science and Technology

It is being reported that US have agreed to a five year extension for a cooperation in Science and Technology with Pakistan. Jalil Abbas Jilani, the secretary for foreign affairs, and Dr. Kerri-Ann Jones, the US Assistance Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific affairs, are both going to sign the agreement. […]


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