India asking US not to help Pakistan with the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Project

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 12:45:25 by
diamer bhasha dam

With Pakistan currently looking for funds to construct the Diamer-Basha dam, India has reportedly asked the US government not to invest in the project and make sure other US investors also stayed away.

The Indian complaint to the United States was reportedly forwarded through diplomatic channels, claiming that Pakistan was constructing the Diamer-Bhasha dam on disputed territory.

Delegates from Pakistan, led by Ishaq Dar, the Finance Minister and Khawaja Muhammad Asif, the Minister for Water and Power, attended a conference in the US last week to raise funds for the dam’s construction.

Other notable attendees included the USAID chief Rajiv Shah, Dan Feldman, the US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the US ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson.

Speaking to the Pakistani press, Mr. Ishaq Dar termed the Indian complaint as irrelevant and stated that no US official or investor voiced any concerns regarding the matter during his stay in Washington.

The dam’s successful construction would solve a lot of problems for Pakistan, including the electricity crises, the floods issue and provide clean drinking and irrigation water.

It is expected that the dam will produce 4500 MW of electricity and store around 10 km3 of water.

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1 Comment for “India asking US not to help Pakistan with the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Project”

  1. Abdullah Khan

    Diamer Bhasha Dame have vital importance to overcome country’s present energy crises, The project is feasible technically and politically, locally have no main issues except a lean issue of land compensation low rates, on which to the best of my knowledge Govt. has considered in the past and is taking in consideration, and as I am the core affected one and belong to Boto Koat Chilas, Technically Diamer Bhasha Dam is feasible, of as I was involved in the last Review of Feasibility Report, Review of feasibility report, Design and Preparation of tender drawings/Documents during 5005 to 2008 by DBC. 1)The Project did not included maga tunneling as involved in other Hydropower projects in the country, those have been completed/started power generation like High Head Hydropower Projects and the under construction Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project. 2) Main structs of the Diamer Bhasha Dam, Dam structure, Headrace Tunnels, Powerhouses and Tailrace Tunnels lies on KKH ( a main Highway leads China) within a distance of 3 Km. 3) Geotechnical environments, rocks in the dam site and reservoir area belongs to massive and hard Igneous rock ‘NORITES’.
    4) A huge water reservoir. 5) As for as funding concern I would like to say Diamer Bhasha Dam will RETURN soon its cost to our Country/Nation along with a considerable profit.

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