Humsafar, the most popular drama in the recent television history, came to an end, holding millions of people in its charismatic charm and suspense.

Its craze knows no age-limit, proving by the Youtube video of two six-year-old kids arguing with each other about whether Sara was pretty or Ashar was a good person.

After a long time a TV drama charmed viewers as the PTV’s plays Tanhayan and Waris once did in the 80s.

What was it about the play that has made it such a phenomenon? What is about the serial that crazed viewers so?

It boasted a typical dichotomy of good-girl and bad girl and plenty of melodrama like many other serials. Everyone was hooked despite it was a simple tale of a good middle-class girl and a rich handsome boy, with lots of evil characters to add some spice.

Humsafar’s popularity amongst the private school-educated classes is the most becharming aspect of this phenomenon. Apparently the main reason for it was the charisma of Fawad Afzal Khan and the dewy faced VJ turned actresses Mahira Khan.

The romance in the play was sizzling and the chemistry between the lead characters was worth praising

The cast also played a huge part in making the serial successful. Females could not get enough of Ashar, played by the very talented and good looking Fawad while all the boys had eyes for Mahira and Naveen Waqar (Sara).

The key ingredient behind the historic success was love. The viewers have connected to the love-story between Ashar and Khirat, Basirat’s love for his sister, Fareeda’s obsessive love for her son, Asher’s love for his mother and daughter, Sara’s love for Asher and Khizar’s love for Sara or Zarina’s love for her daughter. All in all, the entire play depicted love in different forms.

Furthermore, Qurat-ul-Ain-Baloch incredibly sang the title-song of the play, which itself was excellent. Lyrics and beautiful composition portray the whole tale of the drama. It was well directed while the dialogues were also ear-catchy.

It is easy to conclude that Humsafar was considered to be the blockbuster. All in all, Humsafar has taken our industry to a whole new level and started a new era in our drama industry.