The Indian actress, Sameera Reddy, who primarily appears in Bollywood and Kollywood films, is all praises for Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, who are planning to knot the tie very soon. Reddy recently had an exclusive interview with ‘Filmfare’, in which she revealed that she also dreams of a supportive beau like Saif.

Reddy, now 33, while speaking on her inclusion, said that she at times feels envious of Kareena and Saif because she wants to be in a relationship like this.

Reddy said, “Not yet. I’m not looking at it right now. It will happen when it has to happen. I am envious of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. I want to be in a relationship like theirs. They are so good together. I love the fact that she works hard, does a great job and has this amazing guy to support her. That’s what all actresses want.”

Reddy, who apart from Hindi and Tamil has also appeared in a number of Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam films, remained under a lot of discussion since rumours revolving around suggested that the actress is dating a Greek tycoon’s son who had businesses in the country including a shipping company.

However, when asked Reddy, she revealed that the rumours were not all wrong but on the same note she stressed that she will marry an Indian man.

“I did date him but it isn’t easy when the person lives abroad. Besides, I’m patriotic about Indian boys. I definitely want an Indian guy. For a while I thought if my sister (Meghna Reddy, VJ-model) has married a Greek, what’s wrong if I looked in that direction too? After all he was a wonderful guy. It was all hush hush as he is a big name in Greece. If the Greek press had got wind of it, it would have become a big deal. He was like royalty.”

Sameera Reddy not too long ago sizzled on the big screen in a Tamil action film ‘Vetti’, which was released on January 12, 2012 and currently she is participating in the upcoming films like ‘Tezz’ and ‘Varadhanayaka’.