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Trade deficit narrows by 12 percent, exports up 7.24 percent

Pakistan’s trade deficit has decreased by 12.05 percent during the first seven months of the current fiscal year following 7.24 percent increase in exports while imports witnessed negative growth of 2.44 percent, official statistics say. The overall exports increased from $13.118 billion in July December 2011-12 to US$14.068 billion during July-December (2012-13), the data released […]

Tesla releases Model S, the first four-door electric saloon with the highest mileage recorded – Part 1

Tesla official unleashed the much anticipated sedan version of its electric vehicles, the Model S. The new luxury car incorporates sleek cuts and a reasonable power train to take from point A to B in blistering speeds. The company showed off its new range of sedans in Fremont, California with a bunch of journalists hovering […]

Tesla releases Model S, the first four-door electric saloon with the highest mileage recorded – Part 2

The mileage depends on the battery size, to state the obvious. The company states that 85 kWh model gives a mileage of 300 miles to full charge. However, after rigorous tests Environment Protection Agency slated the average to 265 miles to full charge of battery. The 40 kWh battery churns out 160 miles on the […]

Tesla releases Model S, the first four-door electric saloon with the highest mileage recorded – Part 3

Cabin Tech Tesla has kept the outside shell to minimal gimmicks with no-nonsense, simple design. Even the door handles are designed in such a way that they reduce the air resistance to the minimum. The interior is even more simplistic but with all requisite technology that at luxury car needs. The centre of attention on […]

Tesla releases Model S, the first four-door electric saloon with the highest mileage recorded – Part 4

The car is quite while driving. The electric motor does not hum and outside is fairly disconnected to from cabin environment. However, still a slight whistle of the wind dragging on the sides and the rattle of the wheels make their way into the cabin. On straight roads, the car accelerates reasonably. Tesla claims that […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII (2012): Full Review – Part 1

Samsung released the new model of its flagship smartphone brand, Galaxy SIII, or S3 on May 3. However, global version had quad-core processor but no 4G LTE capabilities. The Korean company has released the LTE version in the US with a snappy dual-core processor. The hype created on the release of the new handset wrongly […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII (2012): Full Review – Part 2

The turnoff was expected to be its tuned-down dual-core processor from the quad-core brain in the global unlocked version but the processor is as zippier as the quad-core. The menus are responsive and offer no clipping. The screen, though is pretty sharp for normal standards at 1280×720-resolution, offers less brightness and darker tint on the […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII (2012): Full Review – Part 3

The company has jammed up 1280×720 pixels in the 4.8-inch (diagonally) capacitive touch screen that is extremely sensitive, thanks to the Gorilla Glass 2 shielding it. Moreover, there is no noticeable distance between the actual screen and the glass, giving a paper-like, natural touch feel to the use. The left- and right-side spines are light […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII (2012): Full Review – Part 4

Hardware The new SIII comes in two versions, the global model with a quad-core processor and the US iteration with the same efficient dual-core QUALCOMM Snapdragon S4 processor. Much of the deficit is covered with the inclusion of extra 1 GB of RAM, totalling 2 GB for the US version. This is the first time […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII (2012): Full Review – Part 5

ICS in its own self is a very attractive and efficient interface but inclusion of TouchWiz is icing on a well baked cake. Moreover, the smartphone manufacture has taken advantage of ICS’ applications like Android Beam and speech recognition software. NFC works three-fold in the new SIII. There is Android’s own Android Beam that lets […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII (2012): Full Review – Part 6

Buddy Photo Share is a neat optional in-camera feature that can e-mail or text a freshly shot photo to the person you tag in it. Photos show up in a “received” folder in the recipient’s gallery. ShareShot is a camera shooting mode that uses Wi-Fi Direct in the background to automatically send photos to your […]

Sony Xperia P 2012: Full Review – Part 1

Sony released the new Android smartphone this week under the banner of Xperia called Sony Xperia P. Launched at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona in February, the phone was touted as a mid-ranged handset to cater to the more moderate market segment. As the above statement suggests, the new Xperia P comes right in the […]


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