Tesla releases Model S, the first four-door electric saloon with the highest mileage recorded – Part 4

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The car is quite while driving. The electric motor does not hum and outside is fairly disconnected to from cabin environment. However, still a slight whistle of the wind dragging on the sides and the rattle of the wheels make their way into the cabin.

On straight roads, the car accelerates reasonably. Tesla claims that the new model top the speed of 75 miles on short-distance straight paths but in actual driving it easily reaches 90 miles and has the potential to go even further.

The air suspensions have adjustable height from the ground. The car lowers down gradually to reduce the air drag. The suspensions are surprisingly rigid to allow more speed than comfort. However, they are flexible enough to swallow rough patches, though they do not isolate the passengers from the tarmac as do other luxury brands.

Due to the fact that batteries are nestled in the middle of the car on metal floor, the low centre of gravity does the trick in corners. Not only does it snake through sharp corners but also with sheer quality and complete control.

Final Take

Though the new Tesla Model S is priced high, but that is what it takes to get a fuel efficient speedster on the road. The pricing is segregated into two categories, trim models and Signature models. The Signature is priced at $95,400 and the Signature Performance at $105,400. The trim models start at $57,400 for the 40 kWh version. The 60 kWh model sets back another $10,000.

Price aside, the Model S is all the car you want in terms of both fuel efficiency and speed effectiveness.

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