Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi on Saturday said that they would second the creation of new federating units in the country.

Talking to media persons at Quetta Press Club, Hashmi said that the PTI would play its role for the establishment of new provinces which includes Bahawalpur province, Seraiki, Hazara, Potohar and FATA.

He said that it was the responsibility of the Sharif brothers to play their role for creation of new provinces in the larger interest of the country.

While giving example of India, he said that there were 29 provinces, 11 more established and the creation of ten more units are in pipeline, adding he said that why not it can be practiced in Pakistan?

Creation of new provinces would decentralize the powers and would end the deprivations of the downtrodden people, Hashmi added.

The PTI leader while commenting about Balochistan issue said global powers had always kept eyes on Balochistan. Issue of missing persons was worsening the situation; he said and added to resolve the issues justified distribution of resources was vital.

He said that no government initiated any concrete step to remove the deprivations of the Baloch people, therefore, poverty and miseries have badly gripped the province.

Hashmi said that Nawabzada Brahamdagh Bugti and Nawabzada Hyrbyair Marri should abandon the movement of separatism and should support them in order to get rid from the slavery of global powers.

He tendered apology to the nation for being member of the Gen. Zia ul Haq’s cabinet, back in 80s. While replying to a query he said, “I never joined Jamat-i-Islami (JI)”.

Talking about former dictator Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf, Hashmi said that once the military ruler vowed to kill Nawab Akbar Bugti and him. However, Musharraf succeeded to kill Nawab Akbar Bugti but I luckily escaped, he added.


  1. There are 18 nationalities in Pakistan. The present provinces are bassed on re arrangement of provinces by the British Indians. In Balochistan there are three nationalities….Makran which starts from north of Karachi and goes to as far as Qalat, Pastun area which starts from Quetta upwards and Baloch area which lies in between Makrani and Pashtun area. There are large tracks of Sindh in Balochistan which spread from and incudes Lasbela to Jhat Pat befor Sebi. Some areas of Sindh such as Katch and Run of Katch are now part India which must not be forgotten. Hazara may have a case but Patwari, Pahari, Sariki are infact different dilects of Punjabi. Regarding Sindh I would suggest that it be must declared a Republic within Pakistan. Original Sindh is present day Pakistan and Kashmir but shrunk as it was with time the remaining Sindh was a separeate country from India with sovereign monarchs of one other kind. Its name is 6000 years old ( Makran is bit like Sindh ). To restablish the historic Sindh it must be a state with all the lost areas separated during the British-India restored to it.