Almost four months back Bollywood star Veena Malik remained under a lot of discussion for appearing ‘nude’ on the cover page of the FHM India magazine. However, this time the actress is ready to bare all for the ‘Playboy’ magazine, provided she gets $1million.

The controversial queen of Pakistan Veena Malik recently had an exclusive interview with the Mirror, in which she said that she is a model and she will definatley pose ‘nude’ if she gets a $1million offer from the ‘Playboy’ magazine.

“I’d think about it. Why would I say no?” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

“It’s a great opportunity. I’d definitely go for that.

“That is my job. I am a model and I would consider every single opportunity that comes my way,” she added.

Last time Malik categorically denied going ‘nude’ for the FHM magazine and also said that she won’t make the same mistake ever again in her life. However, now it looks as if she has forgotten everything since once again she has no qualms in shedding her clothes.

Malik has always locked headlines for wrong reasons in both India and Pakistan. In Pakistan she gained media limelight by having affairs. She remained in a relationship with the filmmaker Babrak Shah but when the two broke up, she immediately started an affair with the tainted Pakistani cricketer, Muhammad Asif.

In India she came to prominence during her stint in the ‘Bigg Boss 4’ house and the reason behind was once again an affair, this time with the actor Ashmit Patel. Malik did many other cheap publicity stunts in the country as a result to which now she is one of the favorites for the newsmakers.

Veena Malik has got an army of people in her country who dislike her so much so that her own father has disowned her still she is unfazed. She rather thinks she is doing something good for the females of Pakistan.

Well, all said and done, let’s see what response is gets this time from the people of India and Pakistan.