Paul di Resta believes that the performance in the Bahrain GP has allowed Force India to keep Sauber in sights.

Force India has not been performing up to its potential in the 2012 season. The team has show consistent improvement since it joined Formula 1. In the year 2011 Force India finished 6th in Constructors’ Championship.

The team fought hard for the fifth spot with Renault now known as Lotus. The main target for the team for 2012 was to move higher up from the midfield teams. Although the season is still very open and only four races have gone by, Force India seemed dull until the Bahrain GP.

Di Resta started the race from 10th place and finished the race at 6th, it was a great achievement considering he overtook the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

Sauber another midfield team has been performing very well in the season especially after their Mexican driver Sergio Perez finished 2nd in the Malaysian GP.

Force India and Sauber find each other to be direct competitors at the moment but the latter might hold an edge even if it is too early in the season to say so.

The Sauber car has shown very good pace and reliability but their drivers have failed to consistently perform in the races which has hurt the team.

Di Resta feels that Sauber is in sights for Force India to topple if they try hard enough.

He said, “After what Sauber did in Malaysia, it keeps them in our sights. If we put performance on this car then we can get by them. Maintaining sixth this year was going to be difficult, but we’ll keep on track, keep on picking up the points. And being realistic about it, if we can get results like that, then they are like wins to us as a midfield team.”

“It was an outstanding performance by every member of the team this weekend, and under difficult circumstances,” he added. “They played everything right – strategy and pit stops. I worked with my engineer to dial the car in right, and the track came to us. We’ve got to be happy and hopeful the upgrade we’re going to bolt on the car keeps us in this position going into Barcelona.”

It will be interesting to see how the teams fare as the season progresses.