The PFF Secretary explained the Federation’s decision to sack the former Pakistan star from his post as assistant coach, due to his negligence which led to delays in visas for four players.

Gohar Zaman’s decision not renew the passports of Kaleemullah, Junaid Qadir, Faisal Iqbal and Mohammad bin Younis has cost him his job, with the PFF handing him the axe.

Pakistan suffered a 3-0 defeat against Army United due to the absence of aforementioned players and PFF Secretary Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi claims that it was one of the major factors behind the firing of Gohar Zaman.

“Gohar had a very casual approach towards his work and we have sidelined him for now to make way for someone more responsible. It is not the players’ job to know if their passports are valid or not,” he said.

“Gohar knew the passports were expiring soon but ignored that saying that since they hadn’t expired as yet, the Thai embassy may issue the visas. Of course they didn’t do that until the players had got new passports issued to them. Gohar’s own passport,
though, was valid but as a punishment we prevented him from touring Thailand.”

He also added that the Green-Shirts could have come out on top against Army United if all their players had been present and reiterated that Zaman’s actions could have become even more costly if the tour was a proper competition.

“We could have won that match had the boys, including our captain Kaleemullah and vice-captain Faisal Iqbal been playing too. This was just a practice tour. What if it were a final match in a FIFA tournament that the players had missed? Casual attitude can
be a big problem. It has to be discouraged so we took action.”

“We have nothing personal against Gohar. He is a good boy, we like him. Hopefully, this would help him pull up his socks and he won’t take things so lightly again. We would prefer someone who could do more than just working as a manager. If he is a junior
coach, he can benefit from working with Zavisa.”