Oil and gas supervisors resign on greed comments – Oil and gas news update 

Wyoming Oil and Gas director Tom gave a resigned, Governor Matt Mead announced on Thursday evening, a little more than a week after the doll has come under fire for comments some people, and federal investigations of water in west-central Wyoming.

Doll, who oversees the regulation of oil and natural gas operations in the state, said that those in the pavilion area with water problems possibly related to natural gas drilling were motivated by greed, and he criticized the federal investigation of complaints
of water.Office of the Governor quickly disavowed the comments and dolls later apologized for his remarks made at a meeting of state oil and gas regulators in Canada on June 5.

Now he will go with the powerful position of the head, the work he had done since 2009.Doll, resigned on Thursday and the governor, "agreed that in the interest of the state," said a spokesman for Mead, Renee McKay. The resignation of the doll will be effective
July 3."I appreciate the work of Tom and his depth of knowledge on oil and gas issues," Mead said in a statement.

"He has extensive experience in the field of energy, and demonstrated commitment to the Oil and Gas Commission. I appreciate his service and wish him all the best. With the resignation of Tom, we immediately begin the process of finding a new leader."When
asked about the doll, or voluntarily asked for his resignation, MacKay said for what has been said there would be no comment on personnel matters.

Calls and e-mail manager were not returned.For those who are in the pavilion were outraged his comment, the decision was right, regardless of who did it. John Fenton, chairman of the Pavilion Area Concerned citizens called the decision "an appropriate case.""I
can not say I’m sad to see him go, because I really do not think that the people of Wyoming was a lawyer there," he said.

"The oil and gas industry was a great defender, but he does not represent the people worth a damn."But the doll will be missed, says John Robitaille, vice president of Wyoming Petroleum Association, the state oil and gas industry trade group. He called the
resignation of the unfortunate and said that he wanted the former head of the well."Of course I was disappointed to see him go," said Robitaille.

"I will not speculate on when they have someone that would be a good replacement for him, but you know what, Tom, when he was in a position really can be quite controversial, and I think he behaved very well. We are disappointed, everything works the way
they did, but that’s just the way it is. "Comments dolls in the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, as first reported June 6 energy news publication EnergyWire, quickly drew fire.