APCNGA claiming gas supply agreements violated by the government – Pakistan oil and gas News

Pakistan- The CNG Association of Pakistan (APCNGA) said on Wednesday that the federal government and its oil subsidiary body of the Gas Regulatory Authority and deliberate violation of the agreements for the supply of gas without interruption, CNG industrial
and commercial sectors and other gas-consuming: Islamabad.

While expressing reservations about the gas supply, Ghayas Paracha, APCNGA said that the government reduced the gas pressure in the big cities for the benefit of only a small number of people involved in the business of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Dispel the impression that the use of CNG cylinder and was the main reason behind the recent incidents around the country, where nearly 80 people lost their lives, said a pond in Pakistan more than 3 million vehicles using compressed natural gas for 15 years,
but no explosion of a gas cylinder of compressed natural signed he said, adding that in recent times has been reported within a week up to seven incidents of this kind the country.

He claimed that a group of access and influence a few in the corridors of power seeking to replace compressed natural gas stations, car gas, and thus the impression is being developed in the masses that use cylinders of compressed natural gas is the main reason
for the recent bombings. However, he added that the government and regulatory authorities, including oil and gas regulatory authority and the transport authorities in the provinces and the Institute of Water Development in Pakistan (HDIP) has failed in its
role due to monitor CNG cylinder, and groups and set up laboratories to check the quality of the equipment.

"Held today we are the center of the Executive Committee meeting and decided to save the masses from any untoward incident in the body and fully with the government to cooperate, so we are ready to close our business if the government is going to solve the
low pressure gas in the domestic sector," he said.

He knew that the non-governmental associations supplying gas to the industrial sector against the agreements and trying to create confusion among the public sector is compressed natural gas is responsible for the low gas pressure so that they can continue to
supply gas to the industrial sector and the achievement of expensive liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the country. " , said Paracha.

He said that his body and asked the government to follow the agreement of gas or gas load management plan.

"The government has allowed the supply of gas to industries in violation of the agreement between the SNGPL and industrial units which supply gas to industrial to remain closed during the month of December, January and February," he added. "We have also asked
the government to maintain the difference between the prices of gasoline and compressed natural gas by 45 percent. And fertilizers, and the domestic sector and compressed natural gas, not alternative options, while other sectors are not an alternative option
to run their business so that the government should provide gas to these sectors on a priority basis, "he insisted. Being provided with certain sectors of the industry from the United Nations and the District of gas, such as mills and ghee, and fabric scaling.
They are not part of the scheme of gas load shedding. If the share of gas and then also download the latest management will be available 50mmcfd gas.

Prisoners are placed in the energy sector, industry is less than the industry but are provided with gas more than 250 mmcfd. Being pro-LNG, which will cost $ 18 per million units to us and the precious foreign exchange, while our local gas cost us $ 4.5 million
in units. Pakistanis are not able to bear the costs of expensive natural gas (LNG). Staff Report