The Pakistan Premier League will kick-off from the 1st of September according to the Pakistan Football Federation.

The highest division of football in the country is supposed to be professional and a stage where the youth can exhibit their talent without any hassle. However in Pakistan, it is the complete opposite, with players being hurried into the team, with no sense
of tactics, let alone professionalism.

Due to this, the National team constantly suffers and since the PFF have decided not to change any major policies regarding this, things are likely to continue in the same routine.

However the Federation has tried to introduce youngsters in the League, by making the addition of at least 8 juniors in the squad compulsory. This, though, is likely to be met by a hostile reception from departments, who have instead called for a separate
junior team altogether.

The Pakistan Premier League kicks-off in September, with the winner gaining a berth in the AFC Presidents Cup.