It was recently reported from Lahore that the Pakistan Tehreek E Insaaf Chief, Imran Khan, came out in the open and spoke about the current Prime Minister of Pakistan and how he goes on foreign tours only with his brother, Shahbaz Sharif.


This was an open allegation levied by Imran Khan over the two tbrothers who are currently in the government. Nawaz Sharif is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan and Shahbaz Sharif is his brother who has always been by his side in every condition.

Recently there have been certain foreign trips made by the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif. During these trips, Nawaz Sharif decided to take his brother, Shahbaz Sharif; something which has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of Imran Khan.

He claimed that the Pakistani Prime Minister has not been doing a fair job when it comes down to dealing with international policy making. He said that there are several other people who he can take alongside him, but he always opts for his brother.

Imran Khan questioned the idea of merit in the country by saying, “Our politics is like a monarchy which is always driven by nepotism and personal likes and dislikes instead of giving merit a chance.”