Hashtag #GetWellSoonSehun is trending worldwide on twitter, loads of loyal fans wishing EXO Kai and Sehun their best wishes. 

EXO Kai and Sehun have cuts on their hands because the staffs didn’t clean the stage where they perform. 

There are also conflicting views. Some people say glass bits were thrown onto stage by anti-fans. “I’m so mad right now and I just discovered this.. ANTIs go dieeee if you don’t like them how hard it is to ignore? why hurting innocent people!!” says one of the fan.

Another fan suggests “Suhun didnt get his hand cut it was only kai. Sehun step on kai hand lightly if you watch carefully you can see it.”

I can’t believe it! Look at Kai…seems a little frustrated when he kicked those bits on the floor away, and Sehun unable to flip well during the dance. Touching how the other members stopped dancing to see if Kai’s okay.
Niellely You ^_^ ??@JustMeNiellely? 11m
Sehun left arm is hurt ?#GetWellSoonSehun   sasaeng i will throw you with fireball “impolite” ?pic.twitter.com/PytQZPwBts”

It is clear the fans of EXO Kai and Sehun are concerned and upset at what has happened to their stars.