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Articles By Kashif Mirza Launches as a Dedicated Muslim Media and Business Platform

MuslimInc Media Platform

Today a new Muslim Media and Business Platform was launched, named, which is aiming to become the World’s leading Muslim Media platform that covers everything from Muslim News, Business and Entrepreneurs. According to their launch letter/press release: Dear Brothers and Sisters,  Ever wondered why Muslim Entrepreneurs get a lot less media exposure? Media plays […]

Rehan Allahwala Puts up Billboard in Karachi to Thank Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg networth

After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his free content access service in Pakistan, a man chose to show how thankful he was in the form of a billboard, which has been put up on one of the busiest intersections in Karachi, reportedly. Appreciating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his free content access service in […]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally wed in France

brad pitt and angelina jolie

The Hollywood’s super couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt tied the knot on Satureday in France according to  Associated Press. The couple fell in love in 2005 while filming movie Mr. and Mrs Smith though Angelina Jolie had said earlier this year they were not in a rush to tie their knot. “We will get […]

French President confirms arming Syrian opposition


French President François Hollande, who last week announced the delivery of weapons to Iraqi Kurds facing jihadists, confirms for the first time  country has also armed the Syrian rebels “democratic opposition” with ” material according to European commitments “. It does so in a long interview with the newspaper Le Monde to mark the resumption […]

Jewish Pilgrimage to Griba Synagogue Opens a Political Crisis in Tunisia

jewish temple tunisia

Jewish pilgrimage this year to the ancient synagogue Griba on the Tunisian island of Djerba, has caused a political crisis that called on the intervention of the president to appease on the ever contentious relationship with the Jews. Tunisia does not have diplomatic relations with Israel and was protected headquarters of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) […]

Grifols Profits Soared 32.9% in First Quarter of 2014

Grifols-profits increased

The multinational Catalan Grifols group declared a net profit of €121 million  in the first quarter of 2014 which is 32.9% more than the same period last year. Sales increased 16.7 % to 798 million euros, including the business of transfusion diagnostic Novartis acquired in January 2014. In this regard, the acquisition and integration of […]

Thai Constitutional Court Forced the Dismissal of Thaksin Shinawatra

Yingluck Shinawatra

The saga of the Shinawatra has turned Wednesday that festers further political crisis in Thailand for years. The Constitutional Court has ordered Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, to leave office for abuse of power. Yingluck, who is the sister of former Thaksin Shinawatra, has been found guilty of abusing her position to be transferred in 2011 […]

Spanish Manufacturer No Longer Required to Indicate yogurt Expiry Date

no expiry date for yogurt

The new quality standard yogurt that came into force last week no longer requires manufacturers to indicate on their labels an expiration date. However the industry will keep time because it believes that day is a clear indication of when it is completely safe to consume this product. Dungeon Luis, CEO of the National Federation […]

UEFA investigates nine clubs as suspects in their finances


Union of European Football Association (UEFA) has announced that the organization will continue its investigations into the finances of nine European clubs, to new rules requiring institutions to contain their losses, but did not disclose the name of the teams. ” More information will be given when the process is complete,” said a UEFA spokesman […]

Jose Mourinho’s plan for Chelsea

Jose Mourinho's plan for Chelsea

The adoration of the fans of Chelsea for coach Jose Mourinho, transcends the unthinkable. Mourinho is known to take teams he coaches to the promise land more often than not, which is the reason Chelsea fans are cheering more for him rather than any of of the players.  Fans are disparate and want a hope […]

I Will Hunt Dawood If I Become Indian PM, Says Modi

Narendra Modi, the leader of BJP and prime ministerial candidate, has said he would hunt the most wanted Dawood Ibrahim and bring him back to India to face court trial for the 1993 blasts in Mumbai. However, he said that this matter cannot be discussed openly in public.  Modi said that the previous administrations had […]

Finally something free from Apple

iphone 5 on and off upgrate

Something free from Apple is can’t be real and in a way that is true.  Apple has confirmed a failure in the power button for some iPhone 5. Users who encounter the problem may benefit from free repair program   Users who encounter the problem may benefit from free repair program.   Apple has confirmed […]

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