French President confirms arming Syrian opposition

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French President François Hollande, who last week announced the delivery of weapons to Iraqi Kurds facing jihadists, confirms for the first time  country has also armed the Syrian rebels “democratic opposition” with ” material according to European commitments “. It does so in a long interview with the newspaper Le Monde to mark the resumption Wednesday of the political course, which also notes that he will not give up reforms despite the discontent of the population. In foreign policy, the president also called for the convening of a conference on security in Iraq and the fight against the militants of the Islamic State (EI).

“France has decided to deliver sophisticated weapons to the Kurds of Iraq,” recalls Hollande, in the interview published on Wednesday afternoon and advanced in its online edition. ” Why give the Kurds what we have refused to give to the Syrian rebels?” He asks rhetorically. ” Who told you that we have not delivered arms to the rebels, that is democratic Opposition?” then added, admitting for the first time the arming rebels in Syria. It is, like the weapons handed to Iraqi Kurds, of ” material according to European commitments.”

Hollande, who favored intervention in Syria two years ago when President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against its population, believes that the ” international community bears a serious responsibility for what happens in Syria ” for its inaction. “If two years ago would have been an action to install a transition would not have the Islamic State (EI) ” and the international community would not be found ” before this terrible choice between a dictator and a terrorist group, when the rebels deserve our support, “he concludes.

The French president believes that ” the international situation is the most serious known since 2001 ” in reference to the attacks of September 11, the threat of the Islamic State. The traditional debate between intervention or non-intervention is the obsolete trial and the great powers must now focus on a “global strategy ” against the group, including its financing. “Soon will propose to our partners a conference on security in Iraq and the fight against Islamic States ” also suggests, without elaborating.

While international news, an area in which Hollande has been very active during  short summer break, also on the conflict in the Middle East and Ukraine,  the president has spoken mostly in the interview with the inner and economic policy. Before a reboot of course being advertised again complicated, with the stagnant economy and no visible improvement, Hollande reiterates that will not budge on its reforms, including territorial, but ensures that prepares the way to reduce the tax on lower income.

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