The adoration of the fans of Chelsea for coach Jose Mourinho, transcends the unthinkable. Mourinho is known to take teams he coaches to the promise land more often than not, which is the reason Chelsea fans are cheering more for him rather than any of of the players.  Fans are disparate and want a hope to cling on to and that hope is not any of the players, not  even the captain, John Terry, who venerates the stands with numerous banners hanging from the stands. , would receive the affection they showed Mourinho. With the 1-3 in the bright, Lisboa on May 24, Stamford Bridge went up in roars: “José Mourinho, José Mourinho ! “.  from approximately 3,000 fans, urging the Portuguese coach to help them bounce back and win.

A triumph, Mourinho said, “The game until a certain minute was very equal, the first half more ours than them, but finished 1-1 which is a completely open result. In the second half a minute decides everything. The Atletico goalkeeper makes an impossible save to Terry’s header. In the same minute is a penalty.

Some fans were furious over the fact that a player, which was owned by Chelsea, who proved so crucial against them. Stop of penalty can change the rest of the game and take the team moral to the graveyard, and that is exactly what happened. 

“I’m not particularly frustrated,” says Mourinho. “He’s the Atletico goalkeeper playing for Atletico, and he did his job.”

“In one minute, two actions decided the game. It killed the game. After that, there was only one team on the pitch.After that, there was only one team on the pitch. My team with pride, honour and professionalism, but after that moment the game was controlled by Atlético, very mature and professional in the way they controlled the game. Complete control.

“At 2-1 against Atletico is almost impossible. After that there was only one team with morale high, knowing that with half an hour to go they had the game and result under control. The last period of the game was really difficult for us.
“Congratulations to them because they’re a very good side, and what they’re doing also in the Spanish league is fantastic and I congratulate.”

Asked if his players gave their 100% – Terry was playing after a leg injury; Eto’o and Hazard recovering from another -, Mourinho refused any excuses, “I said in my previous players were ready, because everyone wanted to play, everyone wanted to help. All have tried. They lost to a great team, that it is football.”

If last year was Bayern and Borussia played a German end (after eliminating Barcelona in the semifinals and Real Madrid), this year Spain, Madrid, enjoy the decider. A game in which form the two best teams in Europe, according to Mourinho: “I have not seen all the games, the Madrid played well at the group stage; struggled against Borussia, but it was clear that against Bayern was superior. Atlético reached the final without losing a game. Yes, yes they are probably the two best. “

At all times Mourinho was exemplary in his analysis of the game, despite the elimination, the Portuguese considered that Chelsea have had a decent season.

Jose Mourinho’s plan for Chelsea is the next season :

“Next season we will be better, that is our objective. Next year the younger players are better, hopefully we can bring a couple of players to improve our team, and try to do better. But I’m happy with the way they did in the Champions League arriving until this moment. Today we didn’t have happiness on our side.”

We played against teams of great power, we thought it was possible. It happened against PSG [ rallied in the final minutes in the second leg ], and now against Atletico.” I guess it was not Mourinho’s time to shine but the fans are hopeful. If anyone can bring the glory days back to Chelsea, Mourinho be it… fans sure want the fairy tail ending he is so much associated with.