It was recently reported from Washington that the United States has shown full confidence in Pakistan regarding their nukes.

Pakistan was the first Islamic country that managed to become a nuclear state as well. This was a huge achievement in the Islamic world and this is why Pakistan has a prestigious place in the hearts of Islamic countries.

However, there are several countries and people who believe that nukes in the hands of Pakistan is a huge risk as they might not be able to protect them perfectly and utilize them.

During a press briefing, State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki, stated that US believes that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are secured and America does not have any concerns regarding this matter. She further added that Pakistan and US have discussed several issues regarding their nukes.

Recently nuclear materials were seized in Iraq. Jen Psaki said that even though Pakistan and America have been involved in a dialogue involving nuclear weapons, they still don’t know whether Pakistan supplied these nuclear weapons to Iraq.

 She said, “We have had a range of dialogue with Pakistan and I am not aware of any new concern on this case.”

An Indian journalist asked the spokesperson that the nuclear material in Iraq might have come from Pakistan, but she disagreed with him.