The silence of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, about the indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Gaza by Israel on Monday broke under the pressure of public opinion and his main political rival, Ed Miliband, Labour leader, who days ago asking him to rule in the conflict with Israel and be blunt. “Targeting civilians is wrong and illegal,” Cameron told the BBC when asked about the words of the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki -moon, who has accused Israel of committing ” a moral outrage and a criminal act ” to bomb, the Sunday, a UN school shelter.

“I think the UN has the right to protest, because international law is very clear and says that civilian and military schools can not be white, if that’s what happened,” Cameron said. He decided to speak during the celebrations marking the start of the First World War and after the third attack on a school used as a UN refugee center in Gaza, where ten Palestinians died.

But the words of Cameron, very restrained, prevented prosecute Israel, a country with which the UK has contracts pending sale of arms and military equipment worth £ 7,900 million, according to a report by the House of Commons published last week. However, according to a government spokesman Cameron, export licenses to Israel ” are being reviewed to ensure they are appropriate.” In subsequent statements, adding that ” the situation has changed from the time we approve these licenses but so far has not made any decisions, we are simply reviewing contracts.”

According to The Independent, motors and surveillance technology used by Hermes 350 drones with which Israel has bombed Gaza since the conflict began 28 days ago from the UK. Organizations such as Amnesty International are pressing on various campaigns for the British government to suspend all arms sales to Israel and also required to publicly bombing civilians. He has also been asked to investigate what Cameron weapons used by Israel to attack civilians are of British origin. Andrew Smith, the organization Campaign Against Arms Trade, said in that day: “There must be an immediate arms embargo on Israel and components. When governments sell weapons in war zones can not absolve them of responsibility for what happens when these weapons are used. “

The conflict in Gaza is also being used in the UK as a political weapon. Ed Miliband, Labour leader, leads by asking Cameron to condemn Israel’s attacks on civilians since last week, when the entire international community, including the United States, seemed to agree in condemning Israel’s actions. On Sunday, Miliband said: “It is necessary that political talk without shyness and sincerity of what is really going on “; also called the Cameron government to rule. ” Become a hearing is necessary to pressure Israel, as you have to press Hamas, a terrorist organization, to cease the violence.”

Moreover, UK is urgently investigating whether one of those killed in Gaza on Sunday is a British aid worker who was carrying material to a hospital. According to British media to have died on Sunday following an Israeli attack.