Pakistan will be celebrating Independence Day on 14th of August, but this time it will experience far more drama than it has already witnessed in the past. The country is not only in a state of war, but in fact has gone through a political turmoil for several years. In the name of revolution, several leaders have emerged from the country, claiming that the current government or the other party is not faithful enough to the country.

Pakistan Tehreek E Insaaf is now willing to walk all the way to the capital city, Islamabad, in order to give out certain points so that the situation becomes difficult for the current government. Pakistan is once again on the brink of a political destruction as the two parties are not agreeing with one another on any particular point.

Nawaz Sharif, who is the president of the ruling party and also the Prime Minister of Pakistan, has now called in a meeting in the Prime Minister House. He wants the situation to be handled with absolute care so that there are no casualties and there are no security threats involved. This meeting is going to take place tomorrow and will include the likes of Lt. General Zahir-Ul-Islam, who is the Director General of ISI.