Dr. Tahirul Qadri, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief and Religious Scholar, has told his followers to kill any body who leaves without achieving the target of ‘change’ planned for August 14, 2014.  He also asked them to break hands of those policemen who try to stop them while addressing his followers on Sunday August 10, 2014.

Dr. Qadri also announced that his ‘Inqalab march’ will also start on August 14 when the Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is staging protest in Islamabad against the alleged massive rigging in the 2013 polls.

Following the footsteps of Imran Khan, PAT chief also announced that if his is ‘martyred’, his follower must take revenge from all the members of the Sharif family. 

“We will overthrow the government,” Qadri told his supporters.  “We will not come back from Islamabad until we bring a revolution.”

Dr. Qadri once again claimed, “I reject all false accusations of violence against our workers, they have never committed a single act of violence anywhere.”

“Our workers did not torture anyone or cause any damage, and more then 25,000 PAT workers have been arrested,” Dr. Qadri alleged. He also claimed that constable Muhammad Ashraf was not killed by his workers and died in an accident.


  1. The title is totally misleading statement. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri pointed towards the leaders only who are being followed,

  2. The man is a goat, and a dangerously rabid one at that. Simply revoke his citizenship, declare him and his cronies persona non grata, and ship them all back to Canada.