Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam has said in a statement on Wednesday August 13, 2014 that Pakistan’s armed forces were fully prepared to defend the country’s geographical boundaries and deter any threat of foreign aggression. Tasnim Aslam also said that statement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging Pakistan for proxy war is unfortunate.

Tasnim Aslam said in the statement, “It would be in the larger interest of regional peace that instead of engaging in a blame game, the two countries focus on resolving all outstanding issues through dialogue and work together to promote friendly and cooperative relations.”

FO spokesperson said that Pakistan has lost 55 thousands lives in the war against terrorism and five thousand security personals sacrificed their lives.

She added, “The entire world has time and again acknowledged the unprecedented sacrifices rendered by our valiant armed forces with over 5,000 soldiers having embraced martyrdom.”

Indian Prime Minister has accused Pakistan of waging proxy war against India as Pakistani armed forces were not capable of conventional war. Modi also said that there will be no compromise on the issue of Siachen with Pakistan.