Apple’s IOS vs. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, overview of basic features and usability

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Apple’s IOS vs. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, overview of basic features and usability

The tech world has been going crazy for the last month or so, over new product launches and software updates to IOS and Windows phone 7. The question is how well does the Windows phone 7 stand up to the leader in the market, Apple’s IOS.

Windows phone 7 also known as WP7 is fairly new in terms of how long IOS has been in the Smartphone market. It has all the feature a Smartphone should have, and Microsoft has been working hard to push its software to stand up to IOS and Android the Google software for Smartphones and tablets.

WP7 lacked basic features like copy and paste and multitasking in its initial release, just like IOS lacked them when it first came out, but now that WP7 has come out with its latest update codenamed Mango, it has been primed for optimal performance and usability.

The most eye catching feature of WP7 is its integration with the social giants like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, something that we have not seen in IOS. The live tiles interface is also not as boring as looking at icons and icons of apps like on IOS. Internet browsing is actually the fastest on relative to any other software out there with the introduction of HTML5 in the latest Internet Explorer 9 for WP7.

On the other hand IOS is almost perfection when it comes to usability, there is no doubt that it is the leader in the market, and has the biggest application store for its software. Which makes it all the more appealing and with the latest IOS 5 on the iphones it is has been transformed into an even more complete OS than it was before. Although it was interesting to see that Apple did not have much of integration with Facebook, and has given priority to Twitter over the social network giant.

WP7 is just beginning to get its grasp in the Smartphone industry while IOS is a solid platform and will continue to be one in the coming years with improvements worked on the software every day.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft develops its impressive OS in the coming years, but for a relatively new operating system it is definitely not a bad option if you are looking to buy something different from but almost equally good.

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