Is it smarter to buy an Xbox360 or a PlayStation 3 in Pakistan?

Thursday, October 20th, 2011 9:42:11 by

Is it smarter to buy an Xbox360 or a PlayStation 3 in Pakistan?

The internet is flooded with countless discussions and arguments, over whether the Xbox360 is better than the PlayStation 3, or if the PS3 beats its opponent to the punch.

However, despite all those arguments, the question that arises is whether Pakistani gamers should invest in the Microsoft gaming device, or end up siding with Sony.

On paper, both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are nearly as good as the other. Not all the 360’s come with built in hard disk drives, or have built in wifi’s. On the other hand, all the PS3’s come with wifi and built in hard disks.

The Xbox360 plays HD-DVD’s while the PS3 plays BluRay’s. As a result, the PS3 has the potential of playing BlueRay movies and the games produced for it can boast better graphics, simply due to this fact.

At the same time, a minor difference between the two is the fact that all PS3’s have HDMI outputs, while some 360’s don’t.

Nonetheless, the 360’s can be chipped in Pakistan and that drops the price of their games to a hundred rupees. The PS3 can also be chipped, which allows you to copy games on your hard disk and play them for a considerably low price.

However, if you chip your PS3, you can’t enjoy the free online play that it offers, while the 360 doesn’t offer free online play as it is. In either case (whether you mod your 360 or not), you can’t play online on the 360 unless you invest in Xbox Live and pay to play online. However, if you opt to not get your ps3 chipped, you can play games online for free.

Now, if someone lines to play online then hands down, they should just go ahead and get the PS3. However, if you never plan on playing online, the smarter choice would be to get the 360. Not only is it slightly cheaper, but its games are more readily available.

PS3 users, who end up not chipping their consoles can spend nearly a year playing games like FIFA, simply because of the replay value that online multiplayer offers. So at the end of the day, the 4000-600 that you spent on the game kind of proves to be worth it.

As far as the electricity issue in Pakistan goes, there have been more cases of the 360’s being affected by the load shedding and becoming nothing more than a box of plastic. However, a UPS can partially prevent that from happening.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, the only question that really differentiates the two consoles is their online capabilities. So if you are someone who wants to play online, just get the PS3, otherwise buy yourself a 360 and get it chipped.

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