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Sony expected to release PlayStation 4 this year

It is difficult to say whether reports regarding the next-generation console under the PlayStation brand coming out this year is news or merely rumours, but one thing is certain, Sony will not wait too long to react to the strong demand for a new console. Beginning to feel threatened by the growing popularity of smartphones […]

Nintendo set to cut price of Wii U sales

Nintendo has rectified its forecasts announcing annual losses, the year ending in March, about 180 million Euros instead of the anticipated benefits. They have arguably suffered their first annual loss in three decades. Nintendo’s flagship product, the new Wii U, has not had the impact of the above. They initially planned to distribute 5.5 million units worldwide. However, […]

China set to lift the ban on game consoles

China is considering lifting the ban on game consoles, established in 2000 to "safeguard the mental development of children", as reported by China Daily. In November, PlayStation 3 from Sony received quality certification from the Chinese authorities, which gave the first clue. "We are reviewing the policy and have done some surveys and discussions with other ministries […]

Wii U criticism without merit

Nintendo’s first-ever HD console Wii U has been under a lot of criticism because of its specifications and performance capabilities, which were and are still said to be below the likes of Sony’s current-generation console PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s current-generation console Xbox 360. Now that the system is out in the market and reached the […]

Sony set to launch new tablet

Sony will launch a new tablet in March, Xperia Z model, which will have 10-inch screen and will weighs around half a kilo, as reported by the Japanese company. Sony, which came out last year to conquer the mobile phone market after launching a wide range of smartphones in the market following their separation from Ericsson, […]

Analyst talks price of new Sony and Microsoft console, expects it to arrive by the end of this year

The next-generation Sony and Microsoft consoles are likely to arrive in the market at a price of $350, according to the Robert W. Baird industry watcher Colin Sebastian. The industry analyst issued a note to the investors, predicting that the highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 could debut at a lower price than what the […]

PC sales drop during last quarter

Worldwide sales of computers totaled 89.8 million units in the fourth quarter, representing a significant drop of 6.4% and their worst ever run in the past five years, as indicated by the consulting IDC. The sales will reportedly fall down deeper than expected, as earlier forecasts pointed to a fall of 4.4% in this market. […]

Free-to-play games doing great, Zynga tarnishing the model’s image, believes SOE president

Reputation of free-to-play games tarnished due to the social game maker’s mishandling of model, believes company’s president John Smedley. Free-to-play gaming has been growing in popular in recent years, with more and more publishers developing interest in the model and reaping the benefits that it offers. During a recent interview with PC Gamer, Sony Online […]

The wait continues for Sony and Microsoft high-end consoles

There have been countless demands by developers, publishers, gamers and analysts for the key industry players, namely Sony and Microsoft, to step into the next-generation space already. Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 made their way into the market at the end of 2005 and 2006 respectively and have been there since then, offering gamers […]

PlayStation 3 sales reach 70 million, reveals Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment marked yet another milestone as the sales of its PlayStation 3 console hit 70 million earlier this month. The company revealed in a recent announcement that the number of its current-generation console sales to retailers around the world touched 70 million as of November 4, 2012. This news comes a month after […]

Sony, Sharp and Panasonic in crisis

Three Japanese giants are in trouble at the moment: Sony, Sharp and Panasonic. Though the three closed the first half in the fiscal year comfortably, the companies could get out of the depression with a change in leadership. Sharp and Panasonic are forced to pit with combined losses exceeding 12,000 million Euros respectively. For Sony, the new president, Kazuo Hirai, […]

Super Slim PlayStation 3 a wise strategic decision by Sony

The industry analysts are convinced that the next-generation consoles are long overdue and that the extended life cycle of existing hardware is taking its toll on the gaming industry. Sony, however, is not bothered about what the gurus have to say and instead remain committed to the PlayStation 3 console. It is obvious that the […]


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