Sony expected to release PlayStation 4 this year

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 4:58:40 by

It is difficult to say whether reports regarding the next-generation console under the PlayStation brand coming out this year is news or merely rumours, but one thing is certain, Sony will not wait too long to react to the strong demand for a new console.

Beginning to feel threatened by the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, the console makers are thinking around the clock of a strategy to halt the likes of Apple and Android from taking over what was traditionally their domain.

Since the advancement in technology is happening at a rapid pace in the smartphone and tablet department, a substantial amount of game developers have already shifted their focus to the portable devices.

Both Sony and Microsoft are guilty of letting their current-generation console remain in the market for too long, thus stripping them of the thrill that was once associated with them.

The consoles are only managing to hang on because of the sequels of some renowned franchises such as Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, etc.

These franchises and their creators have been attracting a lot of criticism for playing it safe. In order to avoid uncertainty, the publishers and developers associated with these franchises are simply throwing the same or pretty similar content towards the gamers, giving little to no thought to creativity and originality.

With such franchises beginning to lose their appeal, the consoles they have been helping to remain afloat until now are beginning to sink quite evidently.

With such clear signs on display, Sony is clearly not going to wait much longer to pull itself out of the mess that it itself has created, an unappealing aged console.

The company is expected to become safe from what is a very potent threat posed by the smartphones and tablets.

However, it still remains to be seen if the next PlayStation hits the shelves this year, or if Sony keeps walking on the edge.

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