Super Slim PlayStation 3 a wise strategic decision by Sony

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The industry analysts are convinced that the next-generation consoles are long overdue and that the extended life cycle of existing hardware is taking its toll on the gaming industry.

Sony, however, is not bothered about what the gurus have to say and instead remain committed to the PlayStation 3 console.

It is obvious that the company believes that there is still a lot of unexplored and unleashed potential in the system, thus giving developers more time to experiment with the technology on offer and continue making games.

It is difficult to argue with the fact that the games for PlayStation 3 are indeed showing a massive improvement in graphics. Despite the release of games such as God of War III raised the bar quite high while the console was still in its infancy years, the games that followed not only managed to reach that level, but actually managed to surpass it. If you doubt this claim, take a look at the most recent Uncharted or Call of Duty game.

With Nintendo all set to step into the next-generation space with its Wii U console that is set to hit the North American market on November 18, there were a lot of questions about how Sony would react to it, with some analysts even suggesting that the company may speed up work on its high-end console, that is if it has even started working on it.

However, Sony decided to offer the likes of Nintendo and even its main competitor Microsoft a challenge by revealing a newer version of PlayStation 3 at the Tokyo Game Show last week.

The new hardware is 25 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than its counterpart. That, however, is the least significant thing that makes it appealing.

The new Super Slim PlayStation 3 comes at a cheaper price as compared to the original or even slim version of the console, with the 250GB system becoming available in the market at $270, $30 less than the price set for the “Basic” version of Wii U.

In order to make the purchase even more tempting, Sony has bundled a copy of Uncharted 3: Game of the Year Edition along with a copy of Dust 514 game and $30 worth of in-game goods. The package will also comprise of a DualShock 3 wireless controller, an AV and USB cable, along with an AC power cord.

If anyone is under the impression that Sony would struggle to achieve impressive sales figures after the launch of a new model of a console that has been there for a good many years and thought to be at the tail-end of its life, they are mistaken.

Gamers who ended up purchasing Xbox 360 due to the exclusive titles but failing to curb their desire for the exclusives for PlayStation 3 are not expected to waste any time to get make the purchase of the super slim version of the console.

The fact that the new PlayStation 3 is coming at a stage where there are already a huge variety of games available in the market would also tempt consumers to spend their cash on what is notably a cheaper version of the console.

Sony is not only expected to attract Xbox 360 gamers, but is also likely to cut the potential buyers of Nintendo’s upcoming console.

The opportunity is there for more sales of PlayStation 3 and Sony is doing the right by capitalising on it. It remains to be seen if Microsoft follows suit and add a cheaper version of Xbox 360 to their short-term strategy.

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