Pakistan becomes the largest nation with 2.74 million CNG vehicles

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‘Electricity Shortage’ is probably the most common term in Pakistan. Electricity is required for literally everything in our lives and its shortage only adds up to the frustration in the society.

With 23 to 37 degrees on the north altitude and 61 to 76 on the east longitude, Pakistan is a country where winter seldom pays a visit. Most of the year is covered with burning hot sunlight boiling the whole country and shortfall of electricity only adds
icing on the cake.

Electricity however is not the only thing our nation is short of, there is a long list as CNG makes it safely to the second spot. It is not more than a decade ago that Pakistan was considered self sufficient for Natural Gas reserves.

Natural gas is an important commodity in our society considering that our nation prefers to cook by themselves and do not rely on fast food as much. Shortage of Natural Gas was experienced only after it was being used as a major source of fuel in automobiles.

There were a total number of 12.6 million natural gas vehicles by the end of 2010 out of which 2.74 million in Pakistan, 1.95 million in Iran, 1.9 million in Argentina, 1.1 million in India and 1.6 million in Brazil.

Government has now analysed the shortage of precious natural resource and CNG stations across the nation hence remains shut for two to three days throughout the week. Just like other cities of our country, gas stations in Lahore remains closed for two and
a half days.

CNG is not available in Lahore on Monday, Tuesday and till Wednesday evening. It is quite a disturbing situation right after it is made available as  Cars, Rickshaws and Buses start to queue up to get their share of the cheap fuel.

Long traffic jams are experienced on Wednesday evenings throughout Lahore because of the availability of gas. Line ups at the petrol stations are so huge that they occupy most part of the roads outside.

M.M. Alam road in Lahore has as many as three gas stations on both sides of the road. It is quite impossible to reach your destination on time if you are travelling through the road especially on Wednesday evenings.

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