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Iran’s supreme leader supported US coalition against EI

USA and Iran

Iran ‘s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has authorized the United States cooperate in the fight against Islamic State (EI) in northern Iraq, according to sources in Tehran by the BBC. This coalition, according to discussions at the NATO summit held in Wales these days would consist of a dozen countries, with a red line […]

Iran’s president urges more tolerance to social media

iran internet

Iran’s president has demanded that the religious authorities of his country to be more tolerant of new technologies and the Internet in general. According to the BBC, during a broadcast on Iranian state television, Hassan Rohani, who in 2013 became the country’s seventh president speech, said it was vital that the new generations have access […]

USA imposes new sanctions on Iran

USA and Iran

United States announced Friday a new set of sanctions against Iran, despite stressing to  continue negotiations to find a lasting solution to the nuclear dispute with Tehran maintains the international community. Those affected are over 25 entities and individuals suspected of “expanding the Iranian nuclear program, proliferation, supporting terrorism in the region or help Iran […]

Iran says it has shot down an Israeli drone near Natanz

israeli drone shot in iran

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have announced that they have shot down an Israeli drone  when it approached the Natanz nuclear plant, in central Iran. As usual, Israel has not commented on the news. If confirmed, it would give ammunition to those sectors of the Iranian regime who distrust of nuclear negotiations and would work his […]

Iran bans voluntary sterilizations to increase birth rate

iran bans contraceptives

Iran’s parliament has approved new restrictions and prohibited contraception interventions such as vasectomies and tubal ligation to raise the fertility rate, currently at 1.6 children per woman. In May, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a decree asking for more babies for “strengthening national identity” and to address ” the undesirable aspects of the […]

A dozen people survive plane crash in Tehran

Sepahan Airlines

At least 38 people have died and 10 were injured in the crash of a commercial jet Sunday at the airport for domestic flights to Tehran, reported by the state news agency IRNA and Iranian television. According to the medical emergency team, the injured were rushed to nearby hospitals immediately after the accident. The device, […]

Iran Wants to Help Pakistan in the Energy Situation

The Iranian Consul General, Hassan Darvesh Wand, addressed the media on Wednesday while he was in Peshawar. He said that his country fully understands how Pakistan is going through a difficult period in terms of energy and they want to help in this situation. He stated that the Pak-Iran gas pipeline is being set up […]

Iran Hands over 15 Deportees to Pakistan

pakistani passport

Pakistan and Iran have been trying to improve their ties. This can be explained through the visit which the Prime Minister, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, took to Iran. While sitting in Tehran, the Pakistani Prime Minister fully discussed how the neighbouring countries can benefit each other. Pakistan is in dire need of energy sources and […]

Iran Understands Pakistan’s Stance on IP Pipeline

It was recently reported from Islamabad that the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, came out in the open and explained how the international sanctions against Iran are still a hurdle for Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline. However, he also revealed that Iran is still willing to cooperate as it understands Pakistan’s stance on […]

Khamenei Hits Out at US for Sowing Discord between Iran-Pakistan

Ali Khamenei, Nawaz Sharif

The current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, met up with Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The two discussed serious matters amongst each other. During these talks, Khamenei managed to directly hit out at the US for sowing seeds of discord between the relationship of Pakistan and Iran. He directly held Washington […]

Pakistan Not to Send Weapons to Syria

It was recently reported from Islamabad that the advisor to the Prime Minister in terms of foreign affairs, Sartaj Aziz, has come out in the open and claimed that Pakistan is not willing to help Syria. In fact, he claimed that Pakistan should not even intervene in the situation. Sartaj Aziz was briefing the Senate […]

5.4 magnitude earthquake jolts Pakistan

A 5.4-magnitude earthquake was felt in most parts of Pakistan and neighbouring countries on Tuesday, the metrological department said.   The earthquake was felt in parts of Pakistan, India, UAE and the epicenter is reported to be Iran. The magnitude of the earthquake in Iran was reported to be 8.0 in Iran.   The tremors […]


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