Iran says it has shot down an Israeli drone near Natanz

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 1:13:35 by
israeli drone shot in iran

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have announced that they have shot down an Israeli droneĀ  when it approached the Natanz nuclear plant, in central Iran. As usual, Israel has not commented on the news. If confirmed, it would give ammunition to those sectors of the Iranian regime who distrust of nuclear negotiations and would work his delegation in the run more difficult.

“The Aerospace Force Corps Guardians of the Islamic Revolution has shot down a spy drone of the Zionist regime,” the statement claimed that the public relations department of the Iranian military organization has posted on its website. Although the Guardians have claimed before the demolition of several American drones, only one case, in 2011, Washington admitted that he had lost one who used the CIA in Afghanistan.

The text, which all Iranian media have echoed immediately says that the device was ” the invisible to radar and tried to enter the restricted zone in Natanz, but was shot down by a ground-based missile prior he could do so. “

The plant in Natanz, 300 miles south of Tehran, is the heart of the Iranian nuclear program. In its uranium enrichment facilities began on an industrial scale, both the controversial process used to make fuel for electrical energy, the higher the purity, fissile material for a bomb.

Since the summer of 2002 it was discovered that the Islamic Republic had a nuclear program, the United States and its allies have suspected that ambition acquire nuclear weapons, something that all Iranian spokesmen deny. The EU tried to mediate to lower the tension, but for a decade talks were fruitless. Neither the harsh international sanctions promoted by the USA managed to Tehran to renounce its ambition.

Until the arrival last year of Hasan Rohani the government opened the door to a negotiating process which has aroused great expectations. Despite the difficulties, both the Iranian delegation and the international (besides the United States includes China, Russia, UK, France and Germany, with the EU as coordinator) have recognized the seriousness of their partners. After agreeing a two-month extension, negotiators should reach an agreement before September 20.

But not everyone approves foreseeable liabilities that will allow Iran to maintain a controlled change temporarily accept certain limitations and a strict system of inspections program. The hardest parts of the Iranian regime have expressed concerns about possible concessions. Any incident that reinforces their argument that you can not trust the West, may find it useful to mobilize their bases.

Also Israel, which has the only nuclear arsenal in the Middle East, has shown from the beginning his displeasure with the negotiations. Benjamin Netanyahu ‘s government is not required to allow the Islamic Republic to develop any nuclear technology, and has threatened to use force if you suspect about the manufacture of a bomb.

The statement did not explain how the Guardians knew that the device was Israeli or when the demolition occurred, although the semi-official Fars, near the military considered so far attributes.

Tehran has often accused Israel, a country whose existence is not recognized, and the USA, who has no diplomatic relations, of trying to sabotage its nuclear facilities. In recent years, several Iranian scientists associated with the program have been assassinated and viruses have created problems in their computers. As is the case today, Israeli spokesmen have always refused to comment.

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