No Ball > 3*Murder

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No Ball > 3*Murder

Justice is an alien concept in our country. No one knows what Justice is and even Justice Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudhry is confused about this phenomenon. Murders, terrorist activities, corruption, smuggling, human trafficking, child
abuse and the list just grows but justice never wakes up and is neither served.

Bhutto was sentenced to death for unproven reasons but foreigners mercilessly murder in public places in drunken states but they get discharged. Yes, I am talking about Raymond Davis; he killed 3 people in Lahore and was caught
red handed.

Davis gets to the police station; media gives coverage to this event; people talk about this issue; everyone is flabbergasted at this drunken killing of three innocent citizens of Pakistan; the case stays in the limelight for almost
two-three weeks and then what happens in the end? Raymond Davis flies back to his homeland in Business Class without being sent to jail once, paying blood money to politicians and households. This is justice in Pakistan – It means anyone with money can become
James Bond and get a licence to kill!

Government ate money and Davis lives happily ever after. Let’s throw some light on to the yesterday’s event that took place in the British court against three Pakistani cricketers.

Mohammad Aamir, Mohammad Asif, and Salman Butt are sentenced to jail for 6 months, 1 year and 2.5 years respectively. Two of them bowled one no ball and Butt was leading the show by manoeuvring these players at his will. These
players will rot in jail for their split second smartness and Davis will fly high with 3 murders on his record. This is the justice in Britain.

Instead of sentencing that man to death our rulers turned that into a deal and pressurized the family of those who were murdered to accept the blood money. Government received dollars and the case was over in a poof!

On the other hand, those three players are being called Pakistanis and the brand image of our country is dismantled everywhere in the globe. Nothing happened to America for the killings of those three innocent Pakistani citizens.
However, Pakistan is being hammered all over the place in another scenario.

Our rulers have become so lethargic, merciless and can be lured with dollars by anyone to do anything. British court didn’t hear a single plea of the players for minimizing the punishment but our government just dismissed the case
in flash.

Raymond Davis was targeted by media in isolation but these three cricketers now define the character of Pakistanis. I wonder; why is everyone quiet? Why? Think! 

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