Dilemma that haunts the bulk

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Dilemma that haunts the bulk

When we talk about the issues in Pakistan we bluntly put fingers on corruption, dirty politics, bad governance, law and order situation, lawlessness, favouritism, violation of rules, moral bankruptcy, lack of planning, electricity problem, gas problem, education
system, poverty, increasing crime rate, extremism, terrorism, suicidal attacks and so on.

But a huge majority of us always remains unable to clutch the root cause of these and many other curses in Pakistan. These abysmal things have stemmed from us. We, ourselves are the paramount sources for all these problems. All these shortcomings sprout
from us as we have all the contamination in ourselves.

How can we expect the escalation of the country when our conscience is almost dead? We have no ethics and have put on a cloak of hypocrisy, always criticising others and justifying ourselves by presenting lame excuses of our heinous acts. How can we expect
the pious and loyal rulers when we are also corrupt at the same time?

We are, as a nation at the verge of disaster, a moral disaster that breeds all these deficiencies and consequently a polluted society. Individual effort will change the thinking of a family and a family will affect the community and the community will bring
a constructive change in the entire country.

Stop spitting out on the government policies, politicians and current system. Just think about what is your contribution towards your country. Just take initiative to bring change at first in yourself which will have its effects on your family, community
and ultimately on the nation.

We need to identify the problem in ourselves and work on it as together we can make our society and country better in all aspects. We have to think what we are doing and what impact it is creating on our family, on our community and on our nation as a whole.
Please apply it to yourself first as charity begins at home.

If you start to refine yourself, a change will start to appear in your surroundings. At first you will feel it in your family and then you will also witness that healthy change in your locality and it will go on spreading on a larger scale.

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