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Causes of Poverty in Pakistan (PARTI-II)

pathan girl sitting on road homeless

Causes of Poverty in Pakistan (PARTI-II) Division of Agricultural Land: Pakistan is an agricultural country. Most of people are farmers by profession. One has land which is fulfilling the needs of his family but he has to divide the land into his children when they got young. After division the land is not sufficient to […]

Causes of Poverty in Pakistan (PART-I)

Pakistan is a poor country. Its economy is facing fluctuations now a day. At the time of independence Pakistan has very low resources and capital, so the processes of progress were very slow. Unfortunately the politicians of Pakistan were all not well aware of modern global system and the progress processes and the needs of […]

Dilemma that haunts the bulk

Dilemma that haunts the bulk When we talk about the issues in Pakistan we bluntly put fingers on corruption, dirty politics, bad governance, law and order situation, lawlessness, favouritism, violation of rules, moral bankruptcy, lack of planning, electricity problem, gas problem, education system, poverty, increasing crime rate, extremism, terrorism, suicidal attacks and so on. But […]


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