Cinepax Review: The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

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The Adventures of Tintin is the first animation picture pulled off by legendary producer director Steven Spielberg. Moreover, Tintin is the first 3D animation under the umbrella of Amblin Entertainment, famous for their productions like E.T., Back to the
Future trilogy and Indian Jones series.

The story is primarily based on comic book adventures written by Belgian writer Hergé in the early 1900s and was incorporated into a 3D flick by infamous producer, Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings trilogy).

In a Spielberg-tradition, the story starts to roll right away. Tintin (Jamie Bell) purchases a legendary ship’s (Unicorn) diminutive model in a local bazaar and problems start to make their living on him.

He and his pet dog-slash-sidekick, Snowy, start to suspect the importance of the mannequin. Helpless to his exploratory nature, Tintin probes deeper into the secret story behind the ship and the hooligans, who are after it. He finds a secret scroll inside
one of the masts and his adventure kicks-off.

With that clue, more trouble pours on him. He meets Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis), successor to Sir Francis Haddock, the captain of the original Unicorn and his sworn enemy Ivanovich Sakharine (Daniel Craig).

The movie, a pure adventure as the title suggests and created by Hollywood heartthrob Spielberg, offers exactly what is needed to spend an hour and a half in theatres. 3D visual effects are just the topping required to take the escapade to another level.

The movie hinted Spielberg’s creative hand throughout the stretch. The camera work, the details to early 20th century era and all the other nitty gritties gave a clue of the eye behind the camera. For example, Tintin’s catch phrase ‘Great Snakes’
is a Spielberg cliché. The more the story progresses the more it becomes Back to the Future meets The Last Crusade, and it was a great thing. The guns and killings, incorporated first time in an animation film, are all the bold steps one can expect from Spielberg.

However, there was more adventure expected in the movie. Just for the sake of making room for a sequel to the expedition, Spielberg limited Tintin-Haddock alliance to just one souvenir from the wreckage of Unicorn.

In a nutshell, the movie was a great start of the chronicles of Tintin with some blunt gun fighting and swordsmanship, great 3D effects and state-of-the-art graphical details.

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