Most Favoured Nation status, real story behind the curtain (Part 1)

Friday, November 25th, 2011 1:13:34 by

Several protests and procession had been organized by different factions in Pakistan, especially from religious groups, against Pakistani leadership’s decision to award India with Most Favoured Nation (MFN).

These groups raised several slogans against the government’s decision and termed it a poor choice they had opted for. Among these slogans the most prominent one was “Bharat Ka Jo Yar Hai, Wahaga Ke Wo Par Hai”.

With this new status Pakistan will allow India to increase number of it’s trading items. The number of these items was 180 earlier. If one just takes a bird’s eye view of this agreement between Pakistan and India, it surely seems pretty odd. Especially if
we consider that only our neighbour will get more advantage out of this deal.

 Because, as a result of this pact India wouldn’t just be able to increase it’s exports, but we Pakistanis are also going to provide direct finance to Indian army, apart from boosting to their local industry.

Moreover, items from India, will severely damage the local industry that is already facing severe electricity and gas shortage issues. Introduction of new Indian items would force the local businessmen to pack their bags and find a new job.    

If we consider these facts of the deal then, it makes the slogans of these religious groups absolutely spot on. Because by awarding this status to India, we are just doing them a favour and not ourselves.

While on the other hand, the educated community of our country believe that negotiations should be made on equal basis. Because this is the only way through which the two countries can provide an equal opportunity to their local industry to flourish. So
by awarding this status, without getting much in return, Pakistan’s leadership had disturbed the balance.

In contrast to this belief, there is another side to this picture as well, which unveils the real cause behind awarding the MFN status to India. Most importantly, this fact is not known to most of the general public, as media had forgotten to put a light
on this important part.  

Additionally, the government also didn’t take the nation in confidence regarding this move. Therefore, several factions are taking advantage of it and are now looking to exploit the situation as usual.



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