Most Favoured Nation status, real story behind the curtain (Part 2)

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Most Favoured Nation status, real story behind the curtain (Part 2)

The other side of the story is that Pakistan decided to gave India Most Favoured Nation status because it was looking to get it’s vote at the World Trade Organization (WTO) so the Pakistani industrialists can export their items in the European market.

Imagine how much positive impact it’ll have on our economy that is currently suffering quite badly because of electricity and gas crisis. As result of that, several businessmen are looking to move their setup from Pakistan to another country, while others
have already done that.

This had left a huge number of people without jobs, while the labour is now wandering here and there for work. Europe is not a country it’s a continent that has fifty countries in it, so visualize how much work it’ll generate for our local industry and also
help put an end to the non employment as well.

India wouldn’t be able to generate as much revenue from our country as Pakistan would, if the WTO allows us to export local manufactured items and other products to Europe. This will open new possibilities of earnings for Pakistan and it will also remain
quite helpful in stabilizing our economy.

The religious and other factions which are against awarding the status of MFN to India, needs to understand that traditional war times are long gone. Now governments don’t use these old tactics of to keep their rival countries under their influence.

As per new rules, countries try to capture their rivals’ markets in order to maintain their influence on their economies so later they could dictate their terms. These religious and other factions should also need to realise that a bagger can never dictate
it’s terms. So in order to strengthen our economy, Pakistan needs to make a start from somewhere.

As Pakistan is already facing water shortage issue in the absence of major dams (Kala Bagh and Bhasha), that should have been completed by now if the previous governments had taken serious steps in this regard. As a result of which, now we are also losing
the agriculture country status with each passing day, as commodities are not just getting expensive, but sometimes we face severe shortage of essential items too i.e. wheat, sugar, etc…

Therefore, the immediate solution to stable our economy at the moment is to increase our exports and then, utilize that revenue to build big dams on our own. Because, the only way in which we can stop relying on others, is by producing our own products.
This can only be possible if our government have enough revenues.

So in order to achieve bigger objectives sometimes one has to make comprises and for us, that little sacrifice is awarding the status of MFN to India.

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