Academic courses need to be updated in public institutes of Pakistan

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Academic courses need to be updated in public institutes of Pakistan

Education is the basic element for the mental growth of an individual and enables him to contribute to the maximum in the progress of the country at large. An educated nation takes the county in the row of the most successful countries on the planet. Without
education, no society can become an elevated society and no country can come up to the level of the advanced nations in the world.

However, to provide the latest information, tools and techniques of all fields of education, the academic courses need to be updated on regular basis. Through these updated courses, the students will remain in touch with the latest changes and progress in
their particular fields.

In various public institutes of Pakistan, the academic courses in various disciplines are outdated and some of the courses are more than 20 years old. These courses need to be updated on immediate basis and the latest information and changes should be included
in these academic courses.

After completing the Masters degree from a public institutes of Pakistan, the students still remain unaware from the latest information in that particular field.

There is a huge difference of knowledge and learning between the students of public institutes of Pakistan and those who study in an international institute in any advanced country of the world. The major reason behind this gap is academic courses.

In all advanced countries of the world, academic courses are reviewed and updated with regular intervals. That is the major reason why the students of those institutes acquire the latest information and effectively perform their tasks in the professional

In Pakistan, acquiring the Masters degree from a public institutes is not enough to make a student competent enough to cope up with the latest conditions in that particular field.

In order to make student highly competent, knowledgeable and updated with the current developments in a particular field, an updated academic course holds paramount importance.

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan should take initiative to introduce reforms in education by giving instructions to all public universities to update their academic courses in order to ensure, meet and maintain high standards of education in all

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