The best cars of 2011, according to technology experts and viewers – Part 1

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The modern age is dedicated to the advancement of technology and automotive industry is not left behind in the race. Year after year carmakers introduce something new that reshapes the competition. Germans, as usual, are the most advanced in this industry
and brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi have ruled the world of the last half a century.

This year was no different from the rest of the history. German models were up in front line of the competition with the rest of the world and Audi outshined all of its competitors in the race of becoming the best tech car of the year.

The 2012 Audi A7 was by far the technically most advanced vehicle of the year. With all the gismos and gadgets inside the cabin, the brand became the best choice of techies all over the world.

Inside the cabin are many advanced features that come as a standard in Audi now-a-days. However, the most attractive of them all was the Satellite Navigation system that is connected to Google Earth. For a layman, that would sound like a same-same thing
but actually it gives more than the navigation guidance.

Audi’s Sat/Nav is connected to almost every of Google Earth’s features, which means that car can show more than maps of streets and roads on the touch screen in the middle of the dash-board. The Google Earth app is kicked off when the car is in the surroundings
of its destination. It gives the satellite imagery of the map to give a thorough insight to the alien place.

Moreover, Audi is planning to launch Google’s Street View function that is enabled when the car inches near to its destination and map turns all 3D (polygonal) with detailed pictures and structures of the buildings in the close surroundings to give a more
interactive look to navigation.

Another interesting feature of the car is its exquisite and mind boggling audio system, engineered and mastered by Bang & Olufsen.

Under the hood is a powerful 3.0L V6 beast that is supercharged at the speed of 70 miles an hour. The supercharger has helped Audi keep a small engine inside the bonnet that would go economical on short and intercity routes and speedy when the car is put
in a long drive.  Even then, the economy is never overlooked.

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